Manrique Oliva Alberto

Position: Professor (Agregat)
Field of research: Observational Cosmology
Email: Web Site
Phone: (+34) 934039227  
Office: 7.06 - Get there (PHYS1)  
I am a member of of the Galaxy Formation and Evolution Group. Our main research interests lie on the study of the physical processes leading to the formation and evolution of galaxies and galaxy systems, the influence of the environment on the properties of galaxies, the gravitational clustering of dark matter and baryons, and their cosmological implications.

The research carried out by our group is supported by the Dirección General de Investigacióndel Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia of Spain, under different grants.
The group is working on different projects, ranging from the analytical modeling of the growth of halo structure to the formation of the first stars and its implications on galaxy evolution. Here we present a brief description of our ongoing and recent work classified into two broad areas:

Gravitational clustering

Hierarchical clustering
Structure of dark matter halos
Global properties and structure of the hot gas within dark halos

Galaxy formation and evolution

Analytical modeling of galaxy formation
The formation of first stars and reionization
Luminosity function of Active Galactic Nuclei
Morphological evolution of galaxies

List of publications

Here is also a list of Ph.D. thesis completed in the group:

A Polytropic Model of Galaxy Clusters with Morphological Segregation Induced by Ram Pressure Stripping
Josep Maria Solanes (1990)
Thesis advisor: Eduard Salvador-Solé

Structure and Dynamics of the Local Supercluster. Cosmological Implications
Juan José Rodríguez-Jordana (1993)
Thesis advisor: Eduard Salvador-Solé

Small-Scale Substructure in Galaxy Clusters
Guillermo González-Casado (1994)
Thesis advisor: Eduard Salvador-Solé

Modeling the Gravitational Clustering in Hierarchical Scenarios of Structure Formation
Alberto Manrique (1995)
Thesis advisor: Eduard Salvador-Solé

The Structure and Dynamics of Clusters and the HI Content of Spiral Galaxies
Teresa Sanchis (2003)
Thesis advisors: Eduard Salvador-Solé & Josep Maria Solanes

Primeval Galaxy Formation and Intergalactic Medium
José Marías Rozas (2005)
Thesis advisors: Eduard Salvador-Solé & Alberto Manrique

Origin and Modelling of Cold Dark Matter Halo Properties
Sinue Serra (2011)
Thesis advisor: Eduard Salvador-Solé

Parallelization, Ly-alfa emission line and steps towards WDM implementation
Jordi Viñas (2012)
Thesis advisor: Alberto Manrique

The Evolution, Masses and Morphologies of Merging Galaxies
Kevin Casteels (2012)
Thesis advisor: Eduard Salvador-Solé

Analytic Derivation of Non-Linear Dark Matter Clustering from the Filtering of the Primordial Density Field
Enric Juan (2016)
Thesis advisor: Eduard Salvador-Solé