Organization: LSST Corporation
Start operation: 2022
Location: Still to be determined
Instrumentation: Reflecting telescope
Wavelength: 330nm to 1070nm
Diameter: 8.4 m
Website: LSST

LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope) is a planned wide-field "survey" reflecting telescope that will photograph the entire available sky every few nights.

The scientific goals range from cosmology to mapping small bodies in the solar system.

The large survey volume of LSST will make possible to probe the matter and galaxy clustering on the largest scales, opening up the possibility to study inflation, dark energy, dark matter and neutrino properties and possible large-scale deviations from general relativity.


At ICCUB, Licia Verde is interested in cosmology and in particular in studying large scale structure with LSST. LSST will map the large scale structure both by observing galaxies and via the weak gravitational lensing effect.