Quantum Technologies

Quantum Technologies stands as a critical challenge in the research agenda in the EU, instrumented as a FET Flagship. Relevant progress is expected in quantum computation, quantum simulation, quantum communication and sensors.

The area of Quantum Technologies at the ICCUB is composed by researchers with backgrounds in Nuclear and Atomic Physics, Many-body theory and Theoretical Physics.

The main goal is to find ways in which genuine quantum phenomena can be used to solve physics problems and also to everyday life ones. With this aim we are currently working on:

  1. developing and testing quantum algorithms, using the current cloud computing capabilities offered by several companies worldwide
  2. studying the production of relevant atomtronic quantum devices to simulate relevant problems by means of ultracold atomic gases
  3. understanding quantum correlations arising in systems of few atoms, as well as condensend matter and high energy physics systems.

This effort is carried out in collaboration with other groups and with the clear aim of closing the gap between basic research and prototype realisations in laboratories worldwide.

Lines of Research