The facilities in the ICCUB spaces at the Barcelona Science Park include electronics and microelectronics design infrastructures, instrumentation for component and system characterisation, optical and optoelectronic test benches, radiation detector characterisation benches, climatic chamber for temperature and humidity cycling, printed circuit board assembly workshop, robotic pick and place platform for component quality control (over 100,000 chips tested in 2018 and 2019), a 3D printing system and computing clusters.

The ICCUB can also access several outstanding facilities of the UB Physics Faculty, which it is part of: the Embedded Systems Lab includes instrumentation for testing cameras and embedded systems; the Anechoic Chamber allows making instrument pre-certifications of EMI and EMC; and a Wire Bonding machine and a Clean Room, with 200m2 ISO 7 (10000-Class) and 50m2 ISO 6 (1000-Class) in the lithography area, are dedicated to semiconductor and nanotechnology processing.