Technology Unit

The ICCUB technology unit focuses on inventing and building the ambitious and innovative detection instruments of the future. This involves collaborating on large projects related to particle physics experiments, space missions, astronomical facilities and others. In this process some technologies like electronics and software engineering are transversal, thus constituting technological research lines by themselves. The technology unit of the ICCUB (or ICCUB-TECH) was created as a service unit to provide specialized understanding and experience in instrumentation, electronics, software engineering, and computer science.

ICCUB-TECH organization is divided into two divisions: Electronics and Instrumentation, and Software and Data Engineering.

The Technological Unit of the ICCUB is actually providing several groups of ICCUB with services, such as instrumentation and software development, in order to support their contributions to international collaborations. Some important developments which have already been carried out are the Preshower in the LHCb or the Data Compression in GAIA. Currently both divisions continue to participate in those experiments as well as other international collaborations: CTA, Virgo, IAXO.

Moreover, the expertise acquired during these projects has led to participation in Knowledge Transfer such as Medical Imaging and Nanosatellites, and has resulted in 5 patents and created an Spinoff DAPCOM.